Backup android phone

It is essential to back up all your data present in your smartphones to some cloud storage on your PC or any external hard drive. You can lose a phone, and it can get stolen, but the last thing you want is to lose all your pictures, videos, contacts, and messages. These days, phones have some extraordinary memories before any accident strong. So it’s better to back up an Android phone.

Suppose you are used to changing phones; having full knowledge of how to back up an Android phone is essential. You can easily back up and restore all your data on your new phone. A phone is a combination of hardware and software. These are the things that can malfunction and stop working anytime. You might have to send your phone for repair or to claim a warranty. Most of the time, all the data inside the phone is wiped when you try to fix it. So before any unfortunate thing happens to your phone, it’s perfect to have a backup of all your data.

Backup Android Phone Complete guide:

This guide will cover almost every method to back up an Android phone. In addition, you can back up data on your PC, your cloud, or any external storage.

Google Backup and Restore:

Android users can now easily back up all their data on Google Servers, including Contacts, Gmail, Photos, and app data. You can sync the data with your Google account and access it from whichever device you like. To back up and sync all your daSyncith your Gmail/Google account.

  • Goto Settings -> Accounts -> Select your Gmail/Google Account.
  • Select the data you want to sync (like photos, contacts, videos, calendar, etc.).
  • Now head to Settings -> Backup & Reset.
  • Enable Backup my data and select the applications whose data you want to back up.

Backup android phone

Android 5.0 and above offers new features that allow you to back up even more stuff like WIFI passwords, game progress, and phone settings. To get it on another device, log in with your Google account and get all your property there.

Pictures Backup:

Although the above-mentioned method backups up your pictures as well. But another tool is quite helpful and easy to back up all your images no matter how many photos you have on your phone.

Use Google Photos App and sync it with your Google Plus account. It can save full-resolution pictures on cloud storage. And it gives you 1000 GB for free. If you want to save low-resolution files, you can upload unlimited images to your Google Cloud storage associated with your Google plus account. You have to enable Sync after conneSyncg your account with the Google Photos app, and every photo will be synced on the cloud, and you will never lose a picture again.

Backup android phone

To enable automatic backup to Google photos. Open the Google Photos app setting, click on Auto Backup, connect your Google Plus account with it, and select the required checkboxes according to your need. All your pictures will be saved on your google plus version with a private folder only accessible and discoverable to you.

Complete backup on PC.

You can also save all your data on your PC using and helium app from the Google play store. Other apps can perform a complete backup of your phone on your PC. But other apps have limitations like they require root access or the free versions don’t back up all of your data. See the link below in which I have personally performed a backup on my PC using this app.

Backup Complete Device using Android SDK

Don’t trust any cloud service or app if you have several devices and a large amount of data. Then you can back up your complete device using Android Software Development Kit (SDK). It does not require rooting your phone. See the link below; it has stepped to step guide.

  • A comprehensive¬†guide on how to back up a complete android device on pc using Android SDK.

That’s all. Suppose you have questions regarding the guide above on how to back up an Android phone. Feel free to ask in the comments. You can also drop feedback in the comments. And you can seek help by contacting us using the contact us form or commenting below. Finally, if you have any queries regarding anything related to your phone, let us know in the comments. We will try our best to sort it out.

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