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After spending hours trying to find a way to convert zip files to tar.md5 files that can be flashed using ODIN. I came up with a solution that is mentioned in this guide. Most of the clouds does not allow to upload ODIN flashable tar.md5 files. So over the internet, you can only find zip files of custom ROMs and recoveries. There is a need to convert kernel zip to tar.md5 so that they can be flashed.

Following guide has a tool that can be used for converting .zip files to tar files. I have used this tool and it works fine. Beware flashing kernels is not a kids job, you can get your phone bricked, so proceed with caution. If you will follow the guide as it is, then don’t worry. I have explained everything in details. Still, if you have questions or confusion, feel free to ask me in the comments.

How to convert Kernel Zip to Tar.md5:

Following are some prerequisites that you will need in order to proceed further. Make sure you know how to flash ROMs and recoveries, this guide is not for beginners. You must have basic knowledge of Android and flashing firmware and custom recoveries. Even if it’s your first time, don’t freak out. Do exactly as written in the guide and ask in the comments if you have any confusion.


  • Before flashing, do make NANDROID backup of your phone. So if there’s some problem while flashing new kernel you can restore the backup and get back to the stable phone.
  • You will need a kernel .zip file.
  • Unzipping tool like WinRAR.
  • A Computer.
  • ODIN v3.10.7. (Download ODIN from here.)
  • CreateTarForKernel Tool.
  • Samsung USB drivers. (You will have to install Samsung drivers on your computer. So that when you connect your phone to the computer, it recognizes it. Essential for using ODIN).

Note: Check these premade tar files can be flashed directly using ODIN. You might find the required one from this collection.

Step to step guide on how to convert zip file to tar (.tar.md5)

  1. First of all download CreateTarForKernal.
  2. Make a new folder on your computer’s desktop, or somewhere you can find it easily.
  3. Now extract CreateTarForKernal zip file into that folder.
  4. Now on your computer:(This is to unhide some files)
    • Goto Start
    • Write Folder Options.
    • Click to open it
    • Click on View Tab.
    • Uncheck “hide extensions for known file types”
    • Apply and Okay.
  5. Download the Kernel Zip and extract it into the folder you just created.
  6. Rename boot.img to or whatever the name of .img file is to “zimage” (remove .img). If zimage file is already present in the folder then you don’t have to perform this step. (Sometimes zimage.img file is present in some sub-folder of the kernel. Move it to the main CreateTarForKernel folder.)
  7. Run tar.bat.
  8. Once completed. You can rename the .tar.md5 file.
  9. To ensure that the conversion was successful, see the size of the converted tar file. It should be almost same as the kernel file you just converted.
  10. Now you can flash easily using ODIN.
  11. Just Add .tar.md5 file you just created to AP or PDA of ODIN, put your phone in download mode and connect it to your computer.

Important Note: Mostly PIT files also flash the ROM so it might delete all data present in your phone.

That’s all on how to convert kernel zip to tar file. If you have any questions or confusion feel free to ask me in the comments. Do give us feedback about how this guide worked out for you. In the above guide, I have also attached some premade tar files that are ready to be flashed using ODIN. You can select from them. If you find any suitable kernel for your phone. You can ask if you have any confusion while performing this guide to convert kernel zip file to tar file. Best of luck.

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sumeet kumar
sumeet kumar

i have done the same thing as mentioned above step to step butwhen i am trying Add .tar.md5 file to AP of Odnin, it is giving a error message “md5 erro! Binary is inavlid”! . can you guide me here ?


“md5 error! Binary is inavlid. Please help.