These days smartphones are almost associated with whatever we do in daily life. They are a great mean to save memories and moments. Losing phone can be a real torment for its owner. As these days it has payment and credit card information that can be problematic if some stranger got access to it. Apart from that we store each and every memory of our life in the form of pictures and videos or notes, texts. You only realise how important all this stuff is when you no longer have any access to it or you realise you will never be able to see all those pictures or messages again. In this post we will specifically talk about the latest flagship of LG. So if you have lost your phone, let me guide you on how to locate lost LG G5 remotely.

How to Locate Lost LG G5 Remotely

The technique or service you may call it, that we are going to use in order to track lost LG G5 remotely is called Android device manager. Its a great service introduced by google to perform number of steps on your phone remotely. All that is required to use this service is that you must remember the credentials of your email address that you used on your Android phone to sign in on Google Play Store or Gmail. There are number of features that are offered by Android device manager. All of them are explained below. Specifically we will be talking about how to locate lost LG G5.

Features of Android Device Manager

  1. Erase:
    • You can erase all the content present in your phone including pictures, videos, messages, credit card details. Everything that is present in internal storage of your phone if you are sure that you will never be able to see your phone again.
  2. Locate:
    • You can see location of your phone on Google Maps.
  3. Ring:
    • If you think you forgot your phone somewhere at workplace or your home but you cant locate it even by calling at its number because the phone is on silent then you can use this feature. If you choose to select ring option in Android device manager then your phone will ring at its maximum volume for 5 minutes.
  4. Lock:
    • You can lock your phone and display a message on its screen with your contact number if its lost. All you have to do is to select the lock option and enter the message you want to display on your phone like “Hey this phone is stolen kindly contact on this number to return it”.

Locate lost LG G5 Remotely Using Android Device Manager

Now let’s talk about how can you use this service to track your lost LG G5.

  • First of all Go to Android Device Manager Website
  • Now Login using your Gmail email address. Use the same email address that you used on your phone to either backup data or for Gmail or Google Play Store.
  • Once done you will see location of your phone on Google Map.
  • But if your phone is offline you will see its last online date and time along with the functions that you can perform on your phone remotely. Like in the screen below.
  • locate-lost-LG-g5-track-trace-android-device-managerIf your phone is not online. It is best to either lock your phone or erase its content so that no stranger can get to your personal data.


If you have any question or query, feel free to ask me in the comments. Do give us feedback if you were able to successfully locate your LG G5. You can also contact us if you have any confusion using Android device manager. I wish you best of luck in tracking your phone.

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