Guide on how to fix text messenger lagging on LG V10 and other Android phones.

LG V10 is one of the best smartphones of 2015. It has everything to make it stand next to the top flagships of last year. It is powered by Snapdragon 808 and its processing power is supported with 4 GB RAM. These are kind of specs from which you can never expect any sort of lag. Recently, I experienced text messenger lagging on LG V10. It was hard to accept the fact that a phone running on Android 6.0.1 and powered by such an amazing processor can lag while performing such a small and less processing power intensive job.

I spent some time looking for its solution and came across some good solutions which helped me to fix text messenger lagging on LG V10. This guide states all the potential solutions below. I hope they will help you out as well. For me deleting that one specific long conversation which had thousands of texts fixed the issue.

How to Fix Text Messenger Lagging on LG V10:

I will cover each and every method there is which can help you to fix this issue. You should try all these methods. One of them might do the trick.

  • First of all, you need to go to Settings -> General -> Smart Cleaning -> Temporary Files & Raw files -> Select App Cache and tap on Clean.
  • Clearing cache won’t delete any data present in your phone. So dont worry. It will improve and enhance performance of your phone. Its good to clean the cache of your LG V10 once in a while.
  • As I said above. The solution for text messenger lagging on LG V10 for me was to delete one long conversation which had a lot of messages.
  • Another thing that I noticed was third party keyboard using a lot of RAM and battery. It might be the reason of your text messenger lagging on LG V10. The fancy keyboards can slow down your typing speed and response of your messenger. See this list of some great keyboard apps for LG V10.
  • Best solution to fix any kind of lag in any app is factory reset. If you perform factory reset on your phone. Your phone will be good as new. Only problem with factory reset is that you lose all your data. But if you have been using Google Photos to sync your pictures and your contacts are synced with gmail. There is nothing much to lose after a factory reset. Still if you are reluctant to hard reset your LG V10. Use this guide to perform a full backup of your phone.

Tip: You can also use LG Bridge or LG Backup to completely backup each and everything present on your phone.

Make sure internal storage of your phone is not full. Android is designed in a way that it uses internal storage when RAM is not enough. If there isint any free space in your phone. It might be causing your LG V10 to slow down. You should have atleast 1 GB of free storage space in your phone.

Alternatives to fix text messenger lagging on LG V10:

  • Above steps will solve the issue. But if you are still having problems. It’s time to move out from the ugly looking messenger app of LG and move on to something better and more efficient. There are number of great texting apps you can use on your LG V10 as your default texting application.
  • See this list of some great  Text Messengers for Android phone. I have heard Textra is best and most lightweight amongst them. So if you dont want any kind of lag on your LG V10 while texting go for it.

That’s all. In the conclusion, I am hoping that above guide fixed text messenger lagging on LG V10 and you are not frustrated anymore. If you still have any issues on LG V10 or any android phone. Feel free to contact us. You can also drop a comment if you know some other working fix for this problem.

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