Get Refund of an app bought from Google Play Store

How to Get Refund of an App Bought from Google Play Store

In first quarter of 2016, number of apps and games in Google Play Store reached to 1.9 million. This is an extremely huge number of applications present on a single platform....
Recover Data from Stolen Pixel

Recover Data from Stolen Pixel Including Pictures, Contacts and Notes

Pixel series of Google stands among the best smartphones of this era. It has everything to stand in the lines of iPhone, Samsung S & Note Series and OnePlus phones. The...
Track and locate lost Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL

Track and Locate Lost Pixel 2 Remotely | Recover Stolen Pixel

After the Nexus series, Google came up with its own smartphones. It decided to produce the hardware and software all itself. First, it used to outsource the manufacturing of its smartphone....

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps has been for some time a very important service for the users and it has gotten a lot better with the introduction of using it even without a Wi-Fi...
Google Play Store on Nokia 6

How to Install Google Play Store on Nokia 6

In China, Nokia 6 comes with a firmware does not have google play store or google play services. China does not allow other platforms like Facebook and Google to work in...