Recover data from Broken Galaxy S7

I know that look which you have on your face right now. When the pictures of past events come to your mind with a thought “I am gonna lose all those memories forever with this phone” Well. To get back all those pictures and memories, I am here to help you out. I have one trick that can help you to recover data from Broken Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 is one of the most durable phone its display screen can endure quite strong blows. If you broke up your Galaxy S7. It must have been a hard pound that broke up your phone. Galaxy S7 has Super AMOLED display, good thing about it is that it consumes quite less power and the display screen and its contents are very much visible even in strong sunlight. Samsung has also introduced this new feature that keeps the display always on to show battery, date and time and battery consumption is close to nothing.

Now If you are here reading this, then you must be looking for ways to recover data from broken Galaxy S7. I have been through this. That’s how I know a trick that can help you recover data from broken Galaxy S7. I wanted to recover my pictures and contacts from my broken phone before I could send it for replacement. After a lot of hard work I figured out a way that allowed me to save my data. Now let’s move on to the guide on how to recover data from broken Galaxy S7.

Recover data from Broken Galaxy S7

I am assuming you have already tried connecting your phone to your computer. If you have lock screen password then you wont be able to access data present inside your phone. If you phone restarted after it broke up. Or you tried to restart it in order to confirm if the display is dead or not. I have a bad news for you. You wont be able to use fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone unless you enter the pincode. And as the screen is not working you wont be able to enter the pincode. So we are stuck here.

The method that is mentioned below will allow you to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 remotely. Using a Samsung service named as Find my Mobile. You can unlock your phone from web. Only condition is that you must have logged in to your Samsung account in that phone which is now broken. Or you made a samsung account when you first used your Galaxy S7 or for games center you made Samsung account. If you ever made Samsung account and you used it on your galaxy S7. Today you might be getting the reward for that in the form of accessing and retrieving the data present inside the broken phone. This service is not present in the old Samsung phones. Now I will describe in detail how can you use this service to recover data from broken Galaxy S7.

TIP: Wise people learn lessons from mistakes. From now on make sure you always make backup of your phone’s data on some cloud service or your computer. Accidents never ask before coming. So precautionary measures are always better than regrets.

Note: To make use of this service you must have Remote controls enabled on your phone.

  1. Now First of all you will have to Sign in on Find my mobile service using your Samsung account username/email and password. If you don’t remember your email or password you can click on find email or password option.Recover-Data-from-Broken-Galaxy-S7
  2. Now once you have logged in to Find my mobile service. You will see number of great services you can make use of remotely. It also includes “Unlock Screen Remotely or Remotely Unlock my Phone“.
  3. Click on it and your phone will get unlocked.
  4. Now connect your phone to your Laptop or PC and use data cable to copy the data from broken Galaxy S7 to your PC. Another option is that you download and install Smart Switch on your PC. Using it you can copy your contacts, pictures, messages and all other stuff to your PC or directly to your new phone. You can also use KIES to access data once your phone is remotely unlocked.

That’s it. If you have any query or question in the above guide on how to recover data from broken Galaxy S7. let me know in the comments. Also provide us feedback in the comments if you were able to successfully save data from broken S7. It really cheers me up to help other fellows.


  1. This doesn’t work unless you have previously allowed USB File Transfer. And if you’re in my situation where the screen does not work, then you can’t tell your phone to allow USB File Transfer and you’ve wasted your time downloading smartswitch or anything else like it.

  2. The method above won’t actually work since Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) will ask to be used as USB device through the drop menu which cannot be accessed while the phone is connected to PC unless you are able to magically connect a keyboard and mouse to it. In addition Samsung Galaxy S7 series does not support KIES. The screen is possible to unlock also using OTG keyboard and/or mouse but the tips above won’t help unless the OTG device and USB connection can be used simultaneously. I was able to copy my files thanks to images online of the menus showing the steps required for allowing the USB connection and getting them correct on black screen. Thankfully the touch screen was working. However, Smart Switch was useless since it still required some settings from the phone screen after getting the connection to work. Not cool Samsung, not cool.

  3. With the due respect, but all the posts about how to access your data from a broken screen cell phone do not work. This one, for example, forget that the phone will ask authorization on the screen!!!

  4. My mother`s screen was broken and twitching colors . it ask for authorization and I barley mange to accept the pc . but it works . Thanks for the hint !
    I’m a good son now thanks to you hehe .