Google Play Store Stuck At Downloading

Google play store is a unique system to download any application you wish to use on your Androíd phone. There are more than a million applications on Google Play Store. We can quickly download any application as well as can start using it. The play store likewise provides constant updates to eliminate bugs as well as update the applications. Sometimes there are issues while downloading applications. In this guide, we will talk about the solution of Google Play Store being stuck at downloading and installing with no apparent reason.

We will talk about the issue with the downloading procedure to install an application on your Android phone. To give you more context regarding the problem while downloading an app on your Android phone. The play store shows that the app is downloading, and the download bar is running, yet the download will not start. These issues are sometimes due to slow internet links, e.g., 2G/EDGE. Yet, if you’re making use of 3G or 4G or wifi as well as still dealing with the very same trouble. Also, there might be a problem with Google Play Store servers or applications.

Exactly how to take care of When Google Play Store Stuck at Downloading:

The following guide is self-implemented and also results in a working solution. The overview is relatively simple to comply with. If you have any problems or questions concerning any action. Feel free to ask.

Now, to address this problem, adhere to these simple actions listed here:

  1. First of all, in your App Gallery, locate and then tap “Settings.”
  2. Next, select “Applications” and then tap “Manage Applications.”
  3. Now, go to “All.”
  4. Your phone will display a list of all applications. For example, “YouTube,” etc.
  5. Find and select Google Play Store.
  6. A new window will open where you will see many options. Find “Force Close” and tap on it. This will close the application if it is running in the background.
  7. Now, tap on “Clear Cache. “ Then tap on “Clear Data.”
  8. Now select “Uninstall Updates.” If an update was installed, then this will uninstall all those updates.
  9. Now, go to Google Play Store and search for your desired app.
  10. Download an app or game and enjoy.

Update: If you are trying to download and install any application from Google Play Shop, however, it is stuck as well as the above approach didn’t work for you, then try the method below:

  • Go to Application Manager.
  • Click on Reset All Preferences tab.
  • A bunch of apps will open again and Now go back to the google play store. You will notice that the download will start again.

Also, try this solutionSign out of your Gmail account on Google Play Store and then Sign in again. 

  • If you are trying to download via Data Roaming, it will not work. This is a known Google issue.
  • If you have these three apps installed: Truecaller, AVG Antivirus, and PayTm, please try to force stop or uninstall them before downloading any other app from Play Store.

Keep in mind: If you are still dealing with the same problem, then you can follow some additional steps. For that, adhere to the link given listed below.

These easy steps will certainly help you to solve the problem. After that, you can begin downloading any app and video game from Google Play Shop. If you have any queries relating to exactly how to deal with when Google Play Store is Stuck at downloading and installing an application, then let us know in the comments listed below.

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