Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel

No Option to Wipe Cache Partition on Pixel? Other ways to Clear Cache

Google has recently removed the "Clear Cache Partition" option from the recovery menu of Android 10. It was considered a beneficial option to troubleshoot the phone when things went south. The...
Block Ads in Android

How to Block Ads in Android Apps and Games

We all, while using Android apps or playing games, get frustrated by Ads and pop-up windows. Most of the times we are in the middle of something and suddenly from nowhere an Ad appears...
Guide to install correct Google Play Services on Android

Guide to Identify and Install Correct Google Play Services on Android

Google Play services are essential for many apps to run, not only Google apps but there are other apps as well that are dependent upon Google Play services. Although, these services...
Google Play Store on Nokia 6

How to Install Google Play Store on Nokia 6

In China, Nokia 6 comes with a firmware does not have google play store or google play services. China does not allow other platforms like Facebook and Google to work in...
Top Android Nougat tips

Top Android Nougat tips Known by Few

Android takes hold of 88% market share of smartphones. Android Nougat is the latest iteration of operating system of Android phones. It was released with Google Pixel. And pushed to LG V20,...
Droid info APK

Download Droid Info APK for Android and Windows

Droid Info is the best tool to figure out every detail of your Android phone. Droid info is a great app that lets you explore all the details of your phone...
Boot Nexus 5 into Fastboot Mode

How to Boot Nexus 5 Into Fastboot Mode

Fastboot Mode is a protocol that allows you to use various command lines. These command lines can be sent to your Nexus 5 via USB cable. Through this you will be able to...
Best apps from XDA

Best apps from XDA forums.

I was going through the XDA forums and found these amazing apps developed by creative developers of the community. These apps are the ones which I think you people should definitely...
HTC 10 review

HTC 10 Review

HTC hasn’t been doing anything great in their smartphones department since HTC M7. We all were waiting for them to give something good to their consumers, this year they may do...
Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

Top 5 Unique Icon Packs for Android

Android has this great customization property. One of the best part of having an Android phone is ability to mend things as you like. You can change launchers, themes, messenger, file...
Real Cricket 14

Download Real Cricket 14 on Windows and Mac PCs

If you love cricket and wish to play then you can easily find many cricket games on Play Store. Many games try to give a real effect of cricket but Real Cricket...
Settings of Android N

New Features Introduced in Settings of Android N

Well first when you look at settings of Android N, it looks same as Android Marshmallow, it takes some digging up to discover the new features introduced in settings of Android...
Download Snapseed APK v2.5

Download Snapseed APK V2.5 for Android

Snapseed is one of the most famous photo editing tool out there for Android devices. The best thing about Snapseed which few people know is that it is developed by Google...

How to set up Chromecast using your Android phone

If you have recently bought a Google Chromecast device and are looking to set it up with your android smartphone, this tutorial will help you on How to set up Chromecast using...
Top 5 Weather Apps for Android Phone

Top 5 Weather Apps for Android Phone and Tablets

These days it's always great to keep an eye out for the unforeseen weather conditions before leaving for home or office. So I have compiled a list of top 5 weather...
Best Picture Editing Apps Android

Best Picture Editing Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

Pictures are considered primary part of smartphones. Well, I don't know about others but whenever I want to buy a phone its picture quality is the most important factor that I...

How to Download and Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps has been for some time a very important service for the users and it has gotten a lot better with the introduction of using it even without a Wi-Fi...
Custom Email Signature on Android

How to set up Great Custom Email Signature on Android

The signature at the end of your email leaves quite an impression upon your reader, it can also lead them to your other accounts or show position or achievements, so a...

Best Android Apps for Student Life

Technology is a major part of our life these days. Either it be a businessman, or an employee or student. Smartphones and technology not only plays a major role in personal...
new features in the Android Nougat update

Best new features in the Android Nougat update

A few days back, Google rolled out the latest Android version. Google named this Android version as Android Nougat. This update brings you a lot of new and amazing features which...