Note 5 Tips and Tricks

Note 5 Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was launched just this past month, and it already has a lot of customers who are actually loving their new device. Its not just the new...
Note 5 Tips and Tricks

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Stuck Inside The Body

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 just hit the shelf a few days earlier and by no surprise, it has taken the market by storm. A lot of Samsung's customers have already...
Recover Data from Note 2 Broken Screen

How to Recover Data from Note 2 Broken Screen

When Note 2 was released, it was quite expensive. Although I couldn't afford it, But I was amazed to see its size and its features. It was the time when smartphones...
ring and locate lost galaxy s6

How to Ring Track and Locate Lost Galaxy S6 If its Lost and on...

Now you don't have to pull your hair getting furious while finding your lost Samsung S6. Many people suffer through this grave problem of forgetting where we put our smartphone and...
Ordinary Screenshot

How To Take A Scrolling Screenshot On Note 5

Taking a screenshot on your cellular device has always been one of the most attractive functionalities to the customers. A regular screenshot allows the users to take a full-screen screenshot of...
Test Drive

iPhone users to get Test Drive of Note 5 & S6 Edge+ from Samsung...

For the last few years, there is a technology war between Samsung smartphones and Apple iPhones. We all have often heard from iPhone users that they will never switch from iPhone...
Note 5 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date & Features (Expected)

Ever since the arrival of the first ever Samsung Galaxy Note, it has been one of the major flagship smartphones for the company. Samsung continued surprising its customers with the successors...
Recover data from Note 4 Broken Screen

How to Recover Data from Note 4 Broken Screen

No matter how much the smartphones manufacturing companies try to work on durability of phones, you never know when bad luck strikes and leaves you with a broken phone. Accidents don't...
Extend Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life

Extend Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life

As much appealing as Samsung's new flagship smartphone may seem. The Galaxy S6 does not come with such a huge battery. There are certain ways of getting around the shorter battery-time...

OffGRID Battery Case Extended battery and MicroSD For S6 & S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are currently among the best smart phones. Irrespective of two major flaws, these are fine devices. Both these devices do not support additional storage and...
S5 Broken Screen

How to Recover data from S5 Broken Screen

Its been sometime since the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, Many people are using it, Although its waterproof but it doesnot makes it unbreakable,Accidents never ask before coming,And if something bad...

Samsung Galaxy S6 Backup and Restore Data

There are many things which can cause data loss. If you do not want to lose your important data such as application data, passwords, pictures, music and other data then the...
Broken Galaxy S6 Edge

Recover data from Broken Galaxy S6 Edge without 3rd party software

I have seen some videos proving that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is unbreakable. During the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, there was no mention of a screen being indestructible. The...
S6 Broken Screen

How To Recover Data From Galaxy S6 Broken Screen

If you bought a shiny and amazing Galaxy S6 recently. You might need to get its screen protector and side covers. Accidents don't ask before coming and you don't want to...

S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen; Here’s How to Recover Data

Smartphones are very vulnerable to damage. You are using it and in the next second it falls from your hands and its screen breaks up. What are you gonna do now?...