The “Apple” category on iTechify is a collection of articles that provide information and solutions for common software problems faced by Apple iPhone, MacBook, and iPad users. The website is dedicated to providing helpful and up-to-date information on these popular devices, focusing on resolving common issues and improving the user experience.

Some of the standard software problems faced by Apple device users include:

  1. Battery life issues: Many users experience problems with their device’s battery life, such as rapid draining or not holding a charge.
  2. Slow performance: Over time, Apple devices may start to slow down or freeze, affecting the overall user experience.
  3. Software updates: Sometimes, software updates can cause problems such as bugs, compatibility issues, or bricking the device.
  4. Wi-Fi connectivity issues: Many users face difficulties with connecting their Apple devices to a Wi-Fi network.
  5. Storage problems: With the increasing size of app files and media, many users run out of storage space on their Apple devices.

The articles in the “Apple” category on iTechify provide comprehensive information and step-by-step instructions to help users resolve these and other common issues. Whether you’re an experienced user or just starting out, iTechify’s “Apple” category is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their Apple device experience.

Slow Wifi after iOS 16 Update on iPhone? Here is the fix

The latest operating system for Apple smartphones and tablets was recently released with the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. The new operating system comes with many cool new...

Fix iPhone Unable to Make Calls on iOS 17.1

Apple users barely encounter software or hardware issues on their iPhones and Macbooks. When they encounter issues, there is very little help available online and through peers as the devices are...
iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth

iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth? How to fix the issue

If your iPhone is not connecting to Bluetooth, don’t worry. It might be a software issue that you can fix yourself. What if you are unable to fix it? There is...
Slow WiFi after iOS 16 update

Slow WiFi after iOS 16 update On iPhone? Here Is The Fix:

Apple recently released the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro. It has a sophisticated design, impressive camera upgrades, and new safety capabilities. The new iPhone series takes stunning photos and...
Forgot Apple Watch Passcode

Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? Here how to unlock it.

Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch that allows users to accomplish various tasks, including making phone calls, sending text messages, and reading emails. Apple released the first Apple Watch on April...
iPhone 13 Overheating

How to Fix iPhone 13 Overheating

Apple's iPhone 13 is an aesthetically beautiful addition to Apple's extensively expensive catalogue of iPhone models, which are loaded with many features. Still, they don't come without flaws, namely overheating problems....
Fix iPhone 13 Battery Drain iOS 16 Battery Drain Iphone 13 overheating

Fix iPhone 15 Battery Drain on iOS 18

Apple is using a flat-edged look for the entire iPhone 15 series. The iPhone 15 model has almost the same body design as the iPhone 14 model. They feature an all-glass...
locate lost iPhone 13

How to Track and Locate Lost iPhone 13 Pro Remotely 

Apple is using flat edged look for the entire iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 model has almost the same body design as the iPhone12 models. They all contain an all-glass front...
tips for iPhone

7 Tips for iPhone to Make the Most out of it

Apple creates a lot of joy and excitement every year as it presents new devices and operating systems to its fans. And as you purchase a new device such as an...
Mac performance tips

Mac Performance Tips To Get Your Computer Running Quickly Again

Apple has managed to make some amazing computers over the past couple of years. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that all computers require the appropriate amount of maintenance to keep...
Recover permanently deleted data from iCloud

How to Recover permanently deleted data from iCloud

Recovering lost data on iOS devices can be tricky. Few people know, but iCloud allows users to restore data for up to 30 days after emptying the trash on their Mac...
Remove iPhone Photos Without Deleting from iCloud

How to Remove iPhone Photos Without Deleting from iCloud

Whether it be syncing and data management between iCloud and the iPhone or getting another call while being on call on an iPhone, these are the moments where my brain totally...
iPhone heating up after ios 14 update

Fix iPhone heating up after iOS 18 Update

The new iOS 18 comes with a completely revamped interface. The apps are grouped based on frequent use, making it easier to locate your favorite apps. The widgets are now on...
iOS 11 new features

iOS 11 New Features Completely revamped iOS Devices Interface

iOS 11 was unveiled in June at the World Developers Conference. The latest operating system includes many new changes. The interface of many apps, like Calculators and phones, has been revamped....
Spotify on Apple Watch

How to use Spotify on Apple Watch

For some people, music is a necessity. And for that music, we use Spotify as it the best app for listening to music. Today I will be telling you; how to...

iPhone Headphones not plugged in Speaker not working

I have been using iPhones for a long time. From iPhone 3GS to iPhone 7+. I have had the experience of them all. The best thing I find about iPhones is...
Backup and Restore iPhone Data

How to Backup and Restore iPhone Data with iMyFone D-Port Pro

Hаvе уоu triеd restoring your iPhоnе bасkuр from iClоud, and you keep ѕееing "Time Rеmаining: Eѕtimаting" but nothing еlѕе hарреnѕ? If уоu'rе ѕtuсk оn thiѕ screen аnd hаvе wаitеd it out...
iSight Camera Replacement

Apple offers iSight Camera Replacement for iPhone 6 Plus

Are you facing a problem of blurry photos? If yes then there might be a possibility that irrespective of your photography skills, there is a defect in iSight Camera in your...

iOS 17 Battery Drain Issue? how to fix

Apple has released the new iPhone models for 2023, although iOS 17 is still accessible for all iPhone models, starting with the iPhone XR. On September 18, 2023, hundreds of millions...
Transfer files between Windows and iPhone

Transfer files between Windows PC and iPhone

This article is written for Windows users who want to transfer files but cannot use AirDrop. As someone who has been using Windows for a long time and recently purchased an...