Apps to take better pictures from Nexus 6P

Three Apps to take better pictures from Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X

The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X are one of the best smartphones of 2015 with a really good hardware. Both smartphones came up with a really good camera hardware. The pictures...
Root and Install TWRP on UMI

Guide to Root and Install TWRP on UMI Smartphone

UMIDIGI is a Chinese phone famous for its inexpensive and high specs smartphones. Talking about the famous phones of UMIDIGI flagship series, UMI Z, Z Pro and Z1 standout among all....
google play store not downloading

Google Play Store Not Downloading? Fix It Now!

As much of a user-friendly platform Android is, it still is not perfect. Android has its ups and downs. Sometimes, the users end up fixing the issue themselves. One of the...

How to Disable Startup Apps in Android (No Root)

To get the option to Disable Startup Apps in Android without root is a blessing. In this post we will be talking about the apps that allow us to achieve this...
Android messenger lagging

Fix Android Messenger Lagging on Nexus Phone

If you have issues while texting and Android messenger lagging on Nexus phone. Don't worry! It is not something new. we have it's working fix for you. I have been noticing...
Best apps from XDA

Best apps from XDA forums.

I was going through the XDA forums and found these amazing apps developed by creative developers of the community. These apps are the ones which I think you people should definitely...

Top 5 Android Launchers

Best thing about Android is its ability to allow users to customise the user interface as they like. Android launchers are a great source to change the user interface and make...
Always on display on Android phone

Get Always On Display on Android Phone

Always On Display was introduced by Samsung on their latest flagship and LG introduced this feature on their LG G5. Always on displays eliminates the need of a smartwatch or just...
Download whisper for PC

How to Download Whisper For PC Windows [APK]

Over 20+ million people use Whisper on their smartphone every month. The main aim of this app is to connect with people around the world anonymously. Now you can download Whisper...
Logout from Facebook messenger Android

How to Logout from Facebook Messenger Android App

You might have noticed that there isn't any option to logout from Facebook messenger Android app. It can be really annoying sometimes when you cant seem to figure out a way...
Zoom in Instagram pictures on Android and iPhone

How to Zoom in Instagram Pictures on Android and iOS

Instagram is one of the most famous social network. From the commoners to the celebrities, you can find almost everyone on Instagram. You can follow famous celebrities and keep up to...
Download 3C Toolbox v1.9.3 APK

Download 3C Toolbox v1.9.3 APK for Android

3C Toolbox also known as Android tuner is a great app for a user with a rooted device as well as non-rooted device. The 3C toolbox has everything it takes to...
Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

Google Play Store is one of the best thing about Android. I have compiled some Google Play Store tips and tricks that can be handy. It is a stock pile of...
download instagram on chinese phone

Download Instagram on Chinese Phone based on Android

Instagram is one of the most famous social networks. It has around 1 billion active users from all over the world. Its a social network for sharing pictures and videos with...
Best Virtual reality Apps for Android

Best Virtual Reality Apps for Android Phones

Virtual Reality is the new cool. In 2016 drones and virtual reality apps for Android and other devices are making huge impression on the tech world. There are number of platforms...
top 5 wallpaper apps for android phone and tablet

Top 5 Wallpaper Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

If you have a fancy phone and you are bored with it. Try to change its wallpaper to spice up things. In this post you will get to know about the...
Backup android phone

Backup Android Phone Complete guide

It is really necessary to backup all your data present in your smartphones to some cloud storage or your PC or any external hard drive. You can lose a phone, it...
Top 5 Revenue Making Android Games

Top 5 Revenue Making Android games

Any idea how much a famous game application earns? no? Well, it earns millions of revenue weekly. If you want to develop games and you got a great idea, here is...
Download Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Download on PCs

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is a fifth part of Mission Impossible series. It is an action spy film. While watching this film, you always want to be in the role. Now, one of...
how to change app permissions using Android Marshmallow

How to Change App Permissions Using Android Marshmallow

Google Play Store allows you to install any app there is of which many are free of cost, and others are paid. But before you can Install the app, the app asks you...