iPhone heating up after ios 14 update

Fix iPhone heating up after iOS 14 Update

The new iOS 14 comes with a completely revamped interface. The apps are grouped based on frequent use, making it easier to locate your favorite apps. The widgets are now on...

How to Change iTunes Backup Location to Another Drive

iTunes is the official tool by Apple to back up, Manage or Restore data of iOS devices on your computer. If you are running low on space on your iPhone and...
Forgot Apple Watch Passcode

Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? Here how to unlock it.

Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch that allows users to accomplish a variety of tasks, including making phone calls, sending text messages, and reading an email. Apple released the first Apple...

Locate iPhone Backup on Macbook or Windows PC

Apple is very restricted when it comes to portability and accessibility. Even getting your data in the form of Pictures and Videos can be a real challenge with iOS devices. Another...
create 3D render on iPhone

Best apps to create 3D render on iPhone

Creating a 3D render of an area has never been easy. Back in the day, one had to download a 3D modeling software and model every nook and cranny themselves. Nowadays,...
7 Features Present in Galaxy S8

7 Features Present in Galaxy S8 but Absent in iPhone 7

Samsung just released its latest flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+. Both smartphones are work of an art when it comes to display, design and looks. Although we are comparing a phone that...
tips for iPhone

7 Tips for iPhone to Make the Most out of it

Apple creates a lot of joy and excitement every year as it presents new devices and operating systems to its fans. And as you purchase a new device such as an...
Get Call History of a Number

How to Get Call History of a Number on iPhone?

Have you ever wanted to see iPhone call log history of someone else’s device? For some reason or the other, we all wished we could check someone else’s call history. If you...
Download Facebook Live Video

Download Facebook Live Video on Computer Android or iPhone

Facebook is the most popular social network of this era. It has taken people by storm. It had 2.4 billion active users in 2019. Along with that, there are 1.62 billion...
Locate Lost iPhone 12

How to Track and Locate Lost iPhone 12 Pro Remotely

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the latest smartphones of the Apple smartphone series. All the smartphones come with cutting-edge hardware and iOS 14.2 to run...
Prevent low battery health iphone

How to Prevent Low Battery Health in iPhones

iPhones are most definitely among the superior smartphones. They excel in many categories. For example, they possess a super high definition camera as well as a super-sharp display. However, iPhones are...
iOS 11 new features

iOS 11 New Features Completely revamped iOS Devices Interface

iOS 11 was unveiled in June at World Developers conference. There are many new changes in the latest operating system. The interface of many apps like Calculator and Phone have been...
Free Video Editing

The Best, yet Free Video Editing Software for PC Windows and Mac

We All have tried to start making content, whether that be for YouTube, Instagram, Etc. Now, to make that content, we are mostly required to edit the videos that we have...
customize your lockscreen in iOS 16

How to customize your lockscreen in iOS 16

The customizable lock screen was by far the most awaited feature in iOS 16, with the update out now users are trying to figure out what features the update offers and...
iOS 11 Screen Recording Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

How iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature Works

In the recent iOS 11 update, Apple introduced a feature that many users have been requesting for some time: A built-in screen recorder. Prior to this if you wanted to record...
Use Phone as Webcam

Use Phone as Webcam; Guide for Android and iPhone

If you are into video game streaming and just want to show your face to your viewers or maybe to a live audience, a webcam is necessary. Since the Pandemic, a...
locate lost iPhone 13

How to Track and Locate Lost iPhone 13 Pro Remotely 

Apple is using flat edged look for the entire iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 model has almost the same body design as the iPhone12 models. They all contain an all-glass front...
Mac performance tips

Mac Performance Tips To Get Your Computer Running Quickly Again

Apple has managed to make some amazing computers over the past couple of years. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that all computers require the appropriate amount of maintenance to keep...

Unable to Send Disappearing Photos on Instagram via DM in Europe?

The new European Privacy Policy is in effect, which complicates the life of Facebook and its other apps like Whatsapp and Instagram in Europe. The privacy laws of the European public...
Slow WiFi after iOS 16 update

Slow WiFi after iOS 16 update On iPhone? Here Is The Fix:

Apple recently released iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 pro. It has a sophisticated design, impressive camera upgrades, and new safety capabilities. The new iPhone series takes stunning photos and videos....